Dear National Archives vendor:

I am seeking a full-size, full-color original, or high-quality full-color copy of a military map of Vietnam from the National Archives.

The map I want is labeled as follows:

Dai Loc
Edition: 4-DMA
Series: L7014
Sheet: 6640IV

If you have such a map, please quote me a price including shipping and handling via return email, or surface mail at the address below. Please describe the paper quality, lamination and whether the map is avaiable in digital format (TIFF or JPEG).

Thanks for your attention.

Roch Thornton
9541 Dearborn St.
Overland Park, KS 66207

Subject: Map Repro from NARA
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 14:33:37 EDT

First of all we do not have NARA items here. All of those items must remain at the archives. We request for the items that a customer orders using the NARA item number - which you absolutely must have in order - for us to have the item pulled for repro. Secondly I'd have to know what size print you would want. We would have to photograph the original map and then make a print from that copy negative. The sizing probably won't be same as the original. Anyway, if you already have the item number and know the actual size of the original and then the size of the repro you would like then I can let you know if we can help you out and give you prices.
Thanks for your inquiry.
Michelle Pointon
Special Collections Manager

Dear Mr. Thornton,

We can obtain and copy any item in the National Archives Still Photo, Cartographic or Textual Branches. In order to provide you a quote for the Vietnam map, we need to know its size and also whether the map is in color or B&W. Do you have this information?

All of our processes are photographic or digital. The map will be copied either on 4x5 or 8x10 copy material, depending on the map's size. The prints will be made on either Kodak or Ilford paper. Both are quality materials. The print can be laminated if you want on a high quality matte laminate with UV protection. If you prefer a digital product, we can do a high res scan of 75-100+ MB in the JPEG or TIFF format and give it to you on a Zip disk.

We'll provide a quote as soon as we get the additional information.

Thank You,

JoAnn Bromley
King Visual Technology
Fax: 301-341-9208