My experience with Archives Research International
a/k/a "PIKE Military Research"

By Roch Thornton, CAP 2-7-2, 1970-71

Archives Research International operates a website at that is titled "PIKE Military Research."

Late in 1998 I went to the Pike Military Research website looking for a map of the CACO 2-7 TAOR. Their website says the following:

Viet Nam Combat Maps, 1:50,000

We have complete coverage of Viet Nam

        Topographical tactical maps with one grid square equaling one kilometer. We have ALL of Viet Nam! Villages, roads, contour lines, grid squares and other topographical information are depicted. These are the combat maps you carried. Here is an example ...


The example map shown is in black and white, but nowhere does their website explain that you're not actually ordering "... the combat maps you carried." What you're actually ordering is a black and white PHOTOCOPY of the map you carried in Vietnam! Granted, it's a good photocopy, but for $49.95 plus $10 shipping and handling, I expected a full-size, full-color original map -- not a photocopy on flimsy copy paper. I sent an e-mail complaining about the deceptive wording on their website, but got no answer.

I will not use PIKE Military Research again. I intend to try some of the other private vendors who provide copies of items from the National Archives. Next time I'll make sure I'm buying a full-color original map before I send a check.

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