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Below is an article about Daniel L. Wood's death. It appeared in his hometown newspaper and was provided by Julie Bushong of the Culpeper County Library. The article about his death was printed alongside an AP story about an Army battle near Saigon. That story is also on this page, below the story about Daniel.

Culpeper Star-Exponent
Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1970, Page 1

claims 8th
local man

     Marine Corps PFC Daniel Lewis Wood has become Culpeper's eighth son to perish in the Vietnam war.
     Wood, 18, died from wounds suffered during an explosion while on patrol in Quang Nam province.
     PFC Wood is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Wood, now of Catlett, but formerly of Culpeper. Wood was a native of Culpeper County and his family was residing on the Douglas Wolfrey farm near Culpeper when he enlisted.
     Besides his parents, he is survived by one brother, Larry Junior Wood of Catlett; four sisters, Mrs. Otha M. Settle of Culpeper, and the Misses Susan Ann, Connie Virginia, and Doris Louise Wood, all of Catlett; one half-brother, David Snydor of Culpeper, his maternal grandfather, Rosser Jenkins of Nokesville; and his paternal grandfather, Jack Wood of Staunton. His fiance is Miss Nancy Faye Hutchinson of Manassas.
     The time of the funeral service has not been set, pending arrival of the body from Vietnam. Guest funeral home is in charge of arrangements.


Culpeper Star-Exponent
Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1970




Culpeper Star-Exponent
Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1970, Page 1


U.S. ground
and air attack
kills 54

SAIGON (AP) - U.S. forces killed 54 enemy troops in three sharp jungle clashes north and northwest of Saigon on Tuesday, the U.S. Command reported Wednesday.
     The heaviest fighting was 38 miles north of Saigon and about two miles from Cambodia, near the often-attacked Bu Dop Special Forces camp, the scene of bitter clashes in November.
     Military spokesmen initially reported 234 North Vietnamese killed in a furious rain of U.S. bombs and artillery, but the U.S. Command later revised the count downward to 27.
     A spokesman said the discrepancy was due to an "initial field commander's estimate." The spokesman said the total might increase again as U.S. troops sweep the battle area.
     The battle was touched off, spokesmen said, when a U.S. Army light observation helicopter was shot down by enemy ground fire and destroyed. One crewman was killed and the other wounded.
     They were the only casualties reported in the fighting, which grew progressively heavier as U.S. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment troops moved toward the crash scene.
     After locating the enemy, U.S. forces launched a coordinated thrust with a heavy barrage of artillery, air strikes and a ground assault by Sheridan tanks and armored vehicles.
     "The whole thing was over in an hour," one officer said.
     During the battle near Bu Dop, 435 rounds of 155mm shells were lobbed into the enemy positions while more than a score of helicopter gunships and fighter planes
(The remainder of the article is missing)

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