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Official documents
11 DECEMBER 1969

FIRST ENDORSEMENT on Hq MC RDep SDiego DSO# indicated above your name

From: Commanding General, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California
To: Marine Corps Personnel listed on reverse hereby indicated by an arrow

Subj: Orders

1. You reported to this organization on the date indicated above your name for temporary duty under instruction. Temporary duty under instruction in Individual Combat Training and Basic Infantry Training will be completed on 24 DECEMBER 1969.

2. Effective 0930 24 DEC 1969, you will proceed and report to the CO, STAG BN, MCB, CAMPEN CALIF (MCC 050), By 2400 13 JAN 1970, RPT FOR THE FIRST AVAIL REPL DRAFT FFT TO CG FMFPAC WESTPAC GND FORCES FOR DUTY (MCO 159).

3. Twenty days delay enroute to count as recruit leave is authorized. Leave address is indicated opposite your name. Any request for extension of leave will be addressed to your new Commanding Officer. You will advise your new Commanding Officer of any change in leave address.

4. Prior to transfer your Commanding Officer will assign as primary the MOS shown in accordance with the authority contained in Chapter III of the Marine Corps Personnel Manual.

5. Government quarters and messing facilities were furnished while attached to this command. Paragraph 4201.12 of the Joint Travel Regulations, Volume #1, prohibits payment of per diem for this type of temporary duty under instruction.

By direction

  DISTRIBUTION: CO, STAG BN                                           
SECOND ENDORSEMENT: 1. Received these orders at MCB, Camp Pendleton, Calif at 0930 on 24 Dec 69. I understand that I am authorized to delay until not later than 2400 13 Jan 70 in reporting. I have this date received my SRB,HR,DR,PR,PP, AND ORIGINAL ORDERS.

Thornton C.R. 2579640

4441-69 17SEPT69 QSN 823839
THORNTON C.R.                E 257 96 40        2218 W. 9th St.
Pvt 0311/0000/0000                              Winfield, Kansas

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